Black Mixed People Politics: Questioning The Iconic Black Kink

The above is a picture of musician and multiple-instrumentalist Mr. Lenny Kravitz. I have followed his music from the 1990s and am impressed by the theme behind his music, what seems to be to also educate us about spiritual empowerment and empowerment of the self.

But, while supporting his music and feeling his vibes and lyrics in his work, I have always questioned why I don’t see more Black people in his private life or beautiful Black women in his videos. When I began to investigate this side of him, I can say I was a bit turned off, but interested to know more about why he seems to identify with more white, or close to white in his personal life.  I am interested to know how he seems to straddle between both the Black world and white world, just looking at him, I would think he is Black, has both Black parents, because he also has that iconic Black kink.  But like I said, at the same time we have to question where all the Black folk are in his personal and professional life?

This makes me come to the topic of “mixed raced people” and their realities. How do they deal with straddling different aspects of their life? I was a bit reserved in writing about this topic because my intent was not to offend anyone. But at the same time as inquiring about how Black mixed race people straddle identities, I was not interested in suppressing my inquiring mind, why should I suppress my inquiring mind? I was first introduced to the music of Lenny Kravitz, and was very impressed by the symphony of instruments and his lyrics. Then I got to see what he looked like, and was impressed with his good looks, but I also had to question why I listen to his music and not get carried away by his looks. He talks alot about struggling in relationships or is it really about his struggle with his identity?

Also, I remember back in university, I attended this panel discussion hosted by Black mixed raced people talking about their struggles and empowerment. This panel discussion made no sense to me because while I was trying to open up myself to mixed people struggles and learning about how they come to terms with their culture and personal identity, at the same time, these mixed folk dressed up in afros and Kinte cloth and talked about mother Africa, they were denouncing their Blackness. I never understood that and questioned them on that. I asked them why they denounced their Blackness and at the same time exploit or bastardize Black culture, and they had no intelligent response that even demonstrated that they had thought about my question.

So back to Mr. Kravitz and his experiences in the world of rock music, what did he have to do to launch his craft?  At the same time as asking Mr. Kravitz about his music artistry, I am curious to know why he does not date Black women, or why he is not now married to a nice dark skin Black queen like this mother. I always wondered why he did not expand his legacy to the Black community, even though he always talks about his dark skin Black mother and hails her up in his various on-line forums. I always wondered this about him and would like to ask him one day how he feels about the Black side of him.

At the same time as being that Black voice in the world of rock music, I don’t know if Mr. Kravitz is true to his Black roots, maybe he can enlighten me on this inquiry.  At the end of the day, these Black mixed race people have to love the Black side of them and empower their self in that way because at the end of the day, they are seen as Black and should be proud of their Black heritage that also makes them and will embrace them with or without riches.





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