Education – “Education for us by us”

The reason why I started this on-line journal is to start a discussion about issues and strategies that matter to us all and impact us all.  Education is a big subject in the Black community, how come what we are taught for example in grade school for the first 12 years of basic grade school has nothing to do with us learning about our selves and accessing information to write the wrong of generations of colonization?

I tend to reflect on topics related to Economics, USA Black Feminism and Climate Change, but also of importance is Education. I always valued the attainability of higher education, but don’t agree with a system as does exist in Canada, where naturalized residents of a country have to pay for their higher education while a Refugee with no contribution to the Canadian nation-state, can have their higher education paid for. This is how it exists in Canada which warrants the question, who has access to higher education and for what purpose?

Opening up the mind and opportunities to new learnings, and aiming for a sense to contribute to a more humane global humanity should be the point of obtaining higher education. In my convocation ceremony, I will never forget the words of this important guest who said that “education should teach you to be a better person”.  In my experience going through the higher education process and being less marketable than a person with no contribution to the nation-state, makes me question the what the value is of a higher education if it does not lead to better also economic circumstances.

This on-line journal will reflect on different angles related to the topic of “Education”, mainly to engage the Black community and additional communities interested in collaborating in solutions that empower us.  The value of higher education should be education that is “written for us by us”. If we as Black folk are not writing our own books, knowledges and culture related to higher education, then how does caucasianized or tainted education move us forward to a better humanity and quality of life also related to economic empowerment? My focus as a Black female will be “write for us, by us”.

Thank you for reading this preliminary post. What are your thoughts about the value of higher education, written for us, by us?

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