European Gypsy Moth Infestation in Toronto Canada: A message to possibly stop the gentrification of nature and the natural environment?

I first learned about this insect species by reading an alert circulated by the City of Toronto (in Canada), informing its residents that there would be aerial spraying to deal with the infestation of this invasive species. At the same time, I wondered about a couple things, why are they there and how did they get their non-threatening name? For some reason this dangerous species is not dubbed the Killer European moth, how come when they are worse then lets say the Killer African Beetle?

To start, I think it is kind of gross to see an infestation of a particular kind of caterpillar on the trunk of a tree, in the above picture. As shown there is an infestation of this species called the European Gypsy Moth. Its life cycle starts out as being laid as eggs then develops into a gooey substance called larvae, then develops into something called a caterpillar, then develops into a moth. How did they even get from Europe to North America?

I’ve never heard of this species before, and also wondered about its attractive name.  That was another thing I wondered about is why this gross infestatious pest has a non-threatening sounding name.  They have these racialized practices in the green world of naming nature and insects, for some, less threatening beetles will be called killer African Beetles and while that name is determined, this species called European Gypsy moth, go figure, is stirring ecological havoc.

I looked up some information on the Internet about these European Gypsy moths, because I could not go to the library to research them further.  At the same time as trying to control this insect infestation, maybe these ecological experts are taking the wrong road and should let these insects do their work. Maybe the infestation is there for a reason to teach humans to curb their urbanization greed to create artificial green environments and learn to work with the natural rhythms and cadences of nature. What did the Canadian Indigenous community say about this infestation, if such?

I looked up some information which said that this moth is called such because of its ability to travel, they traveled through the intervention of man, but also travel with gusts of wind.  The information that I researched revealed that some Naturalist from France back in the 1860s introduced this species to North America because they were also interested in breeding this species with the silk worm to create a silk industry. Sometimes it really amazes me how some people/ nations think, to go around and see everything as being commercialized to make a dollar. I noticed none of the literature that I reviewed revealed the name of this French Naturalist person of interest, how much of a Naturalist was s/he when they had no respect for nature to not see nature as to be artificially breeded?

One thing I resent is this forced breeding stuff, this sick obsession among people that have no respect for nature and no respect for natural rhythms and cadences of nature and its preservation, how come these folk can’t see that nature can determine for itself who it wants to reproduce with and when? This French Naturalist introduced this species to North America, and created a huge mess, possibly, or maybe it was time for something to curb green thumb human activity.  Today there are invasive species alerts, because while at the same time as wondering about chemical trails and indiscriminate spraying in the air/ sky’s, this infestation is reason for some to profit off their chemical game, thinking that spraying the landscape will extinct this species.

Just looking at a picture of the infestation on the tree trunk is gross. But at the same time, is that a GMO tree? Was where the tree was planted in its original environment or a man made artificial environment? What is spraying going to do with a problem that has been in existence since the 1860s?

My point is that when there appears to be an infestation of something of nature, we have to pay attention to those signs and maybe sit back and question the destructive role of human behavior, is it not possible that the real message is for the human world to curb their artificial urban development and stop the spread of  gentrification of nature and the natural environment?



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