UK Pop Concert Bombing? Who Cares!

I was just informed that suspected terrorists, always the first “suspect” is a terrorist, bombed a concert in the UK. I don’t even listen to the untalented garbage music that is being produced by music companies today. So I don’t even know who the artist was in terms of listening to their music, I know their name but I am not going to give them free advertising.

Apparently in the UK  at this pop concert 19 people were killed and 50 people were injured. Who cares about what happens there? I feel deep inside that I should not even care because maybe the UK needs to be shaken up, for their colonial sins to this day, and of the past.

I’m not supporting violence of any form. But at the same time I will not be apologetic to the atrocities committed by European nations. There is a the threat of an underwater volcano erupting off the North coast of Grenada, there is heavy flooding rains in Jamaica that have washed away roads. There is ethnic cleansing in both Africa and India. Why are these other issues not of the same media urgency?

Should I really care about what is happening in the UK? Nope. I don’t care for the remnants of colonialists, but do care about other parts of the world and their issues, because they impact us all.


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