Revisiting the discussion about imaging promoting the benefits of ‘ganja’ smoking for the Black community. Maybe we have to question this colonization tactic and empower our on as our own

I decided to write this article because I was disturbed by all the Blacks I observe smoking ‘ganja’.  When I see them in this state of ‘consciousness’ it seems like they have just given up in life. I also happen to be a Black female and I like to observe and learn from my observations. The purpose for writing this article is not to change your mind, but to leave it up to you to have an informed perspective. This piece does not promote that idea that eurocentric academia is the only authority on this topic. Some people actually care about active self-destructive colonization tools in the Black community. Anyone in the Black community regardless of level of education is an authority on the topic of smoking drugs to induce consciousness. Take a read and share your thoughts. All comments are welcomed and nothing is censored.


I was looking on the Internet for offensive imaging related to smoking ganja, and I found that this one is the modern day “sambo” imaging of us as weed heads. This one I thought was pretty disrespectful to the Black community by imaging us needing to artificially induce natural vibes. When we leave our bodies alone and let nature take over, we can naturally induce ‘natural vibes’, what really is this very disrespectful imaging conveying?  I always wondered about premeditated practices, like introducing Canadian First Nations to alcohol and diseases when today, after generations of introducing self-destruction tools, the First Nations are on the brink of extinction, so is the same planned for the Black community?  Why exactly is so much effort directed at marketing this very destructive habit to us, the Black community?

I am still researching technical aspects of the problem with smoking drugs and impact on Melanin hue persons.  I don’t have to be convinced that smoking ganja and lighting plants on fire is, even good for us, because at the same time as talking about this bullshit ‘one love’ envisionment, and practicing no economic sharing, lighting fire to a plant is practicing ‘violence against the plant’. There is so much wrong with smoking this thing in all of its names, the simple name is a ‘drug’,  here is what I have learned and how I am help to empower.


For us  Black folk with coloring in our skin, the composition of Melanin in our bodies functions more than just to add color our skin. The notion of suggesting that Melanin as a cosmetic function is also from the opinion of very dumb academics of white, Asian and India communities,  who have no clue what it is like to have coloring in your skin that functions more than just coloring. They also happen to become the so called ‘Doctors’ out there who can treat the habit, but at the same time as promoting their supposed elite academic credentials, they administer pharmaceuticals to Black Melaninated folk that they have commercialized in unethical and very problematic ways. A good book to also talk about this problem with using Black folk as test specimens is Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington. It talks about the problem with medical ethics.

Also, white folk are Melanin albinos, we are Melanin rich. Also, as an academic in addition to just writing thoughts, I also observe and share my learnings,  it surprises me as to how much of this ‘scientific literature’, does nothing to talk about Melanin as like a cell in the building block of life, that regulates biochemical, environmental and spiritual systems in the Black body. This lack of scientific information also has to be challenged because some of the dumbest out there are articulating what is good for us, while at the same time, benefiting from forced procedures to deal with for example addition and drug problems in the Black community.  Promoting that ganja smoking is good for our Black community is similar to promoting the notion that molded and rotten foot is good for our Melanin. I take issue with this targeting because like the euro community introducing their diseases and alcohol to the First Nations community in Canada, this is another tactic to laugh at the impacts of peer pressure on us. At the same time as promoting destruction of the Black race, we know better and can do better but I understand that a struggle is real.  It can be challenging to reconstruct from also economic violences imposed on us, wanting to get ahead but not being able to afford to go to school or not being successful finding a job that will stimulate the intellect, these are real challenges, so the question is how do we get ahead?


Take this, when I had my long flowing locs, only the Blacks would hail me up, and compliment me. This made me feel good about myself and good about my ‘natural hair’ existence in this world. At the same time, the whites in the predominately white-washed and whiteness demographic where I live, would ask if I had drugs to sell. They had these code words they would use, for some reason they assimilated me into their dirty lifestyle. I had no idea what they were talking about. Why did these racial-suppressing euro folk decide to to segregate my existence to be a person inflicting colonial harm on my ancestral community? These also dread wearing white folk did not see me as possibly being a brain surgeon working on healing our own community from this biochemical self-induced mess, something is wrong with their humanity when they cast us or solicit a friendship based on doing some kind of self-destructive habit like smoking drugs. We also have to question the role of whiteness-thinking people of color in the destruction of our humanity.  At the same time as smoking ‘herb’ and coming across as being impacted by massa tools and with lots of cultural identity challenges, I question why so many Blacks indiscriminately smoke this drug.


Let’s take for example, how white folk and also non-black whiteness-thinking people of color image us as being dumb and stupid. Let’s refer to the example of Allah following Muslim Arab looking folk and, the number of their liquor dispensaries strategically placed in depressed Black communities in the United States such as  Trenton New Jersey USA. My question to them is, if, they think this is good for the Black community, will they allow us to set up pork selling depots in their communities? At the same time as killing us in the name of making money, we also have to question these religion folks and their trifling ways. As in the case of Christians and their residential school system in Canada, why don’t these folk just kill their selves in the name of their religion, and do us all a favor?

Let’s take a look at the example in York South Weston in Toronto Canada, Buddhist following Asians, set up shop to sell electronic smokes and loan shark dispensaries in predominately Black communities. They also, set up groceries stores that sell rotten foods, at the same time as premeditating their economic socialism, the creation of us being dependent on them, is marginalizing us.  For example why don’t we set up shop in their communities and offer to sell ginseng and corn, will they buy from us?  The point of this is to question the double standards, the problem with selling drugs to kill us is not only a white man practice, but a nasty practice by different ethnicities of people of color.


In terms of understanding our bodies from a ‘conscious’ Black perspective, the Melanin in our bodies functions to regulate our bio-chemical, environmental and spiritual processes. When we get a reaction in our bodies, for example, from eating problematic foods, our Melanin immune system kicks in to temper the allergy reaction and additionally conditions our biochemical system to even out our skin tone from potential scaring from scratching a developed rash on our skin, this is how our Melanin works for us. How can be from a community not like us and talk about how Melanin configures, of us? Contrary to mainstream knowledge about  Melanin by what seems to be alot of people that don’t even look like the community, or experience life as the marginalized Black community, how do our children and even our generation X community in their 60s, find out ‘relevant’ information about Melanin?


I inserted search terms into an Internet search engine and ended up with lots of information talking about Melanin as a kind of cosmetic. These folk that write this problem information, why don’t they just write about their selves and leave us to do the work and also get paid and good wages in the economic likeness of them? In relation to smoking ‘ganja’, if for example, Black men knew that smoking ganja and smoking anything also reduces: their testicle size, their intimacy performance and genetically contaminates their sperm composition, then I am confident they would stop this self-marginalizing habit called ‘smoking herb’ in the name of? I am not sure either.

If smoking ganja is good for you, then, as once, a 4 year old said, why not eat the ashes as well? I will share that I am a very clean person and found no reason to be bullied by peer pressure, I resisted all that growing up and although I come across peer pressure at times in my adult life, I will say that I never succumb to peer pressure, I always hold my head up and walk away and disconnect if I have to. It is a process, but over the long term, it is a good feeling to start from scratch and know that one has not contributed to the problem.

At the same time as growing up in a clean environment, as mentioned, I never felt the need to be pressured by peer pressure to smoke drugs,  have indiscriminate sex, date non-Black men, or to drink alcohol and get drunk and act stupid and subject self to hygiene risks.  When I relocated to another part of what is called multicultural urban Canada, I was very concerned at the reoccurring instances of Black people smoking drugs.


This really amazed me, and made me question why more has not been done to address this epidemic. At the same time as what it seems as some Black folk selling out to colonization ways, time there also prejudice economic practices that relegate Black folk to precarious employment or welfare, this is a huge problem in diversity Canada, why have officials or even acclaimed and privileged academics and law processors even taken on this cause and implement systems to help Black folk reconstruct from generations of colonization abuse? I would notice these happenings in a way that a whiteness-thinking, also, person of color could not, to see that smoking ‘herb’ was also a way to experience un-natural destructive sensations. Why not experience sensations from natural bodily processes? Promoting this shit related to doing things to self-marginalize to experience some premonition from god, a the same time we have to question the common and critical senses around the problem with encouraging Blacks to smoke ganja.

To further understand the impacts that I was not familiar with, I just felt that I needed to better understand why so many from the Black community were self destructing by smoking weed drugs. I got in touch with a Brain Surgeon friend out in British Columbia Canada, and asked them their thoughts on this weed smoking epidemic.


This surgeon went on to say that Blacks should not be smoking anything related to this thing called ‘herb’ and then went on to explain the processes related to bioaccumulation in fatty tissues of the body, and transformation of ‘smoked herb’ into a tar like substance in the Black body. It was explained that this toxic tar substance impacts biochemical processes related to also the neurological system in the Black body.  And, while learning from this, another aspect, to the problem with lighting plants on fire and doing violence against them, I began to question what to do with this information, and who to share it with, and how?

To even question further, it is beyond common and compassionate sense that the Justin Trudeau Liberal Government in Canada, decided to legalize weed, I was questioning if this ‘liberal’ white boy even did his own homework. At the same time as legalizing weed, what Trudeau is really saying to the Black community is to ‘self destruct and make more efficient the process to address over-population’.  At the same time as promoting the movement to legalize weed, it is also time to ask him to step down and put in place Dr. Kelly Leitch of the Conservative Party of Canada, who in the bid for  leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, which is the opposition party in Canada, like the existence of the Democratic Party and Republican party in the USA, also a surgeon, she vows to stop the legalization of Marijuana, does one not question how she would know also as a surgeon?


I really question these arguments supporting the legalization of ganja. My thing is to question why a person would want to artificially induce a sensation in the Melaninated body, that, also brings on problems related to brain damage and retardation of the neurological system, my point is to question these dirty habits being marketed to the Black community.

The picture attached to this article is a prime example. Image us as knowing nothing about being natural. Even though we are an extension of the first humans in human civilization, there is no difference between this picture and imaging us Black folk as ‘ sambos’. We have to question alot of things/ aspects, why are owners of medical marijuana dispensaries not petitioning the system to release Blacks incarcerated for  possession of weed drugs? How come the whiteness thinking folk (including non-Black people of color) seem to be behind the ones making money from drugging Black folk? Why are people not questioning this thing called a ‘cash crop’?

To further add, burning ganja releases a horrible smell and toxic substance, this is particularly impacting to a non-smoker. How come they can contaminate clean air with their toxic substance they are releasing from their selves into the environment,  into the fresh clean air? In my research on the impacts of indoor air quality on Melaninated folk in apartment households, stemming from liquid pesticides combined with ganja / drug smoke, I found that highly Melaninated folk were disproportionately impacted lack of environmental projection of the right to clean indoor air quality when it came to living in shared dwelling apartment complexes. This study was done in Toronto Canada, focusing on a very large social housing project that houses many Black folk, this research was also extended to any Black folk that live in low-cost or affordable housing, there were instances of sudden deaths, and diseases related to the blood, if this is not enough to warrant new legislation to stop the legalization of smoking pot, then what is?

Also people smoke pot to induce some kind of sexual euphoric experience. This is common by melanin albino (white) folk. They tend to talk about the recreational uses of smoking pot to induce sexual euphoria, but what really is a very sick way to express self and be of nature, at the same time, is a question of what becomes natural vibes.  The real issue is getting to the root of inducing un-natural sensations, I know what it is like to be addicted to Pepsi cola, but at the same time I stopped the habit and no longer consume it indiscriminately.


Also, when one decides to light a plant on fire, the use of fire to carmelize a plant, is doing violence against plants. So when we talk about ecological ‘consciousness’ and respect to nature, should there be a movement called ‘plant lives matter’? Furthermore smoking ganja hypersensitizes our skin to radiation from the sun. So, while relying on our Melanin composition to regulate body temperature and heat processes related to exposure to the sun, smoking weed and coating our inner body underneath our skin with tar also disrupts the ability of our Melanin to regulate heat from the sun. What happens now is you have the whiteness thinking system promoting sunscreen to Black folk. At what point will we begin to question, even how we resist and reject white supremacist habits?

To learn more about the dangers of smoking drugs, I encourage Black folk weed smokers to visit a drug rehab center. Look at places where people are incarcerated for having addiction issues. At the same time, be mindful that even though these places like the Center for Addiction and Mental Health also in Toronto Canada, get alot of funding to pharmaceutical incarcerate Blacks.  What they do is enact something related to mental health arrests, the Toronto Police Service in Toronto Canada is very notorious for arresting Blacks for no reason and throwing them in mental health jails. It is unclear how this really helps a person, when Blacks also tend to resist pharmaceutic approaches developed by predominately Asian, people from India and whites, they are predominately behind the scene in constructing and operationalizing lab tests and writing up very problematic what is presumed to be medical studies, if they do that than why don’t they just administer their findings and intentions on their selves and kill their selves? At the end of the day we have to question this thing called ‘smoking drugs’ and get to the root of acculturating this colonization habit.


When questioning how to address this ganja smoking problem, question who  is behind these economies of trade. What I mean by this is to question who is making money from Black folk killing their selves or adhering to  self-regulating population control? At the same time as developing the courage to question things, ask yourself ‘why am I doing this really’?

In conclusion my point is to question the things we do. Say no to drugs and allow your body the process to rehabilitate, do this by going for walks, and ingesting nutrition that feeds our Melanin, a good book to start with is Black Feminist Thought by Dr. Patricia Hill Collins, it provides a theory approach to identifying and recasting colonization outcome problems, it also suggests ways to reconstruct the community from generations of colonial damage. There is also the works of Dr. Llaila Afrika, called Nutricide, which talks about the problem with Caucasian medicine and the need to obtain optimum holistic health by feeding our Melanin. The next time some offers to ‘blow’ or reach Jah, tell them to go kill their selves and eat the ashes at the same time. Empower ourselves to be ourselves, resist the ways of colonization.



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