I am not sure what to say what this on-line journal will be about exactly because I tend to reflect on learnings from a variety of categories. I could be walking on the street and comment on something or be impacted by a sentence in a book I am reading.

I initially thought of presenting this on-line journal as a sample of my musings (writings).  I  tend to be drawn to topics about Economics, Education, Culture, USA Black Feminist Epistemologies, and stuff related to Climate Change or occurrences related to the Environment – air, land, water, soil, and the human health of marginalized Black populations, animals and plants.

I basically want to have this on-line journal also for access for my grandson who will be 2 in June 2017 to stay abreast of issues that may be of interest to him.  I am not interested in writing to any audience for the sake of making money and getting clicks/ likes and just rambling about stuff that will not empower the community.

I like to have some concrete feeling and substance in my work and I don’t edit anything because doing that only taints the spirit / consciousness guiding the work.  I only write when my inner encourages me to write, I just can’t write about something that I have no interest or connection to.

So, if you are interested in learning about learnings related to Economics, Education, Culture, USA Black Feminism and the Environment (air, land, water, soil and the human health of marginalized populations, along with animals and plants), then this site may be of interest to you. If you have suggestions for topics that you would like me to comment on, such as hetero-normativity and sexuality in the black community from a heterosexual perspective, then I am open to topics that will help to empower the community that I identify with and that so innately empowers me.

Thank you for stopping by. Send me a comment, or share your thoughts, and write in a way that comes / flows natural to you. I don’t censor anything and I don’t like sites that moderate comments. Just post away and educate me as well.

Lastly, please note, this site will be in English. Have a great day/ morning/ evening wherever you are in the world. Your visit is appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you.